Thursday, October 12, 2006

Black Jack Alley

Several of you have asked me to post more pictures. Unfortunately, my digital camera batteries are dead and AA batteries are hard to find here. I'll keep trying; I may need to raid my toothbrush for them.

This is a picture of Black Jack Alley (don't forget that you can click on any picture in this blog to view it in its original size).This is where my office is, as well as the offices for our other staff officers and our Company Command Posts. The large t-barriers are blast barriers to keep shrapnel and exploding ordinance from entering our working areas. Of course if it comes through the roof, well, that will just make for a little more interesting day.

This is a picture of my humble abode, The Ranch. Notice anything missing? Yup, blast barriers. I guess they figure the Chaplain has other means of protection. But relax, the back is protected with t-barriers, and that is where my offices are located.

The hummer parked next to it is my ride. One of the advantages to being a Chaplain is having a vehicle dedicated solely to me and my work. It makes it easy to get around, and makes me very popular with the folks who want to get to the PX, or chow, or over to the other side of the base where the living is easy (the grass is always greener on the other side of the post, right?) It enables me to get soldiers to Combat Stress or other places when they need more specialized care than I can give them. This way I can also head out to visit our guys and gals at the FARP, flight line, MEDEVAC, hospital, and all our other work sites.

I'll post more pictures once I get the batteries. And yes, I will include myself in some of them, as requested.

Have a great day (for those of you just waking up on the East Coast)



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