Thursday, March 15, 2007

Operation: You've Got Mail Update

Back in the middle of October I sent out an email to some friends inviting them to help support Soldiers by sending various items that I would distribute. Well, I certainly did not expect the response we received! To date we have received over 1,300 boxes.
To be honest, we had a glut of supplies, especially after Christmas when all the Soldiers were receiving boxes from all over the US. So, we looked for other ways we could do good with the boxes.
One of the ways was to give things to the Third Country Nationals that come to work in Iraq. TCN's work in the Post Exchange, Dining Facilities, Barber Shops, and just about everywhere imaginable. Most of these folks have signed on for several years and will not see their families at all while working here for what are by our standards very small wages. On several occasions we have been able to brighten their time here thanks to your generosity.
The picture above shows a Soldier loading a SUV. These boxes will be taken back to his unit where they will be broken down, then taken outside the wire to Iraqi schools for Civil Affair and Humanitarian Missions. This is a great way to show Iraqis the generosity of Americans! Wherever Coalition Soldiers have been in ministry like this to the local nationals there has been a decrease in violence, and an increase in HUMINT (human intelligence reports). So, you are not only boosting Soldiers morale, helping third country nationals and local nationals, but you are saving the lives of Soldiers and civilians because of these missions.
Thanks for what YOU are doing in the Global War on Terror!


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