Monday, February 19, 2007

The Quest for Authentic Manhood

That's the name of a study that I'm leading here in Iraq. You wouldn't think Soldiers would want, or need, a study about being a real man, would you? Especially the guys I'm leading. These Soldiers are our Medevac guys; they fly into battle, pick up the wounded, then fly back out while providing aid. You need nerves of steel for this job.

One of the guys approached me a while back and said he was interested in having this study while we were here. I told him I'd be happy to help him with it, not knowing how much I would enjoy it. This study is the first of a three year program, although you don't have to complete all three years. "Quest" is a 24-week program that focuses on a man's core identity and helps us discern a vision of manhood for ourselves. The second year is a 16-week study titled, "Winning at Work and at Home". Its focus is on a man's chief responsibility. The third and final year is a 20-week program called "The Great Adventure" and guides men to break free from the bondage of boredom and embark on the adventure of their lives. I can't wait to lead these studies in the local church back home!

I'm two months into the study here and will be starting it at two other locations here in Iraq in the next month. Please pray for us as we seek to become the men God is calling us to be. If you want to learn more about these studies, and other resources, check out


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