Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Latest Scoop

The big news for this week is our power outage. It seems that some contractors were doing some digging when they severed three or four main feeder lines. As a result, our living area was without power for a little over three days. Now, it gets chilly here at night (in the 30's) and quite dark. After two nights of sleeping in a very cold and very dark trailer I moved to my office and slept on a cot. My office runs on generated power rather than Prime power, so I had lights and heat. I managed to find a shower here and there, though usually a cold one. The good news is that the power has been restored and I will be sleeping in my own bed tonight.

Operation: You've Got Mail continues to wax rather than wane. In the last 6 days I have received 175 boxes bringing the grand total to 711 boxes. One of our Soldiers has taken it upon herself to send handwritten thank you's to everyone who is sending boxes. I'm not sure how long she will last; I fully expect to go over 1,000 boxes by Christmas. The total weight is nearing four tons, and the value exceeds $34,000. All of our Soldiers are appreciative of the gifts, but what they constantly remark on is the support of the people back home. Our eight Vietnam vets are particularly appreciative.

Last week I finished our New Testament Disciple Bible Study. This week I began a six month study with the guys from our Medevac Company. The new study is entitled "The Quest for Authentic Manhood". You can learn more about it at www.mensfraternity.com. I'll be offering it to some other guys as soon as they finish remodeling my building. More about that later. I'm sure Pam will appreciate her husband coming home as an authentic man.

I hope you are all finding meaning in this Advent season as we journey to Bethlehem. I pray this will be the best Christmas for you ever.


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