Friday, October 27, 2006

Fall Leaves

You probably don't know Cari Pirello. You may, but most folks reading this blog do not. I don't even know Cari Pirello. That's what makes her so special.

Cari is in my brother-in-law's Sunday School Class. Joe has been forwarding some of my emails to his class and Cari and I have struck up an electric correspondence. One of the things that I have told her is how much I miss autumn. Fall is my favorite season, and one of the things I grieve most right now is missing the changing season back home in Atlanta. Cari knows this, so she grabbed some leaves, put them in a ziplock bag, shoved it in an envelope, and mailed it to Iraq.

Not hard, right? Not very time consuming. Not at all expensive. But like the commercial says, priceless.

And that's the rub. Too often we go through life waiting, and wanting, to do something significant, something big. We wait until we can get a bunch of things together, or we have time, or the urge strikes. And the end result is we do nothing.

While we wait, the Cari Pirello's of the world stick some dead leaves in a bag and mail them 7,000 miles across the world to a combat zone to someone they never met.

Can you guess which package I'll remember 20 years from now?


At 10:52 AM, Blogger John said...

Great point about the fall leaves.

At 5:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do know Cari and have for some 20+ years as my very best friend. I grew up in Atlanta, but now live in the Virgin Islands, yet still it is as if we were a block away from each other. I am always grateful for her in my life and although this sounds like a small thing, I agree that she has a huge heart and will tell you that she ALWAYS goes that extra mile (even to St Thomas), is a person of high integrity, is at peace with God, and is one of the most amazing people I know and love. I am proud to call her my friend.

Genie Lupo, St Thomas, VI


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