Sunday, November 05, 2006

On Holiday

One of our generous souls included a bunch of Travel & Leisure magazines in a care package they sent. With my warped sense of humor I told my Chaplain Assistant to take a picture of me holding one of the issues. "Hey, look at me, here I am on an 18-month taxpayer funded vacation!"

Actually, these magazines will come in very helpful. Some of our Soldiers are meeting spouses outside of the US during their mid-tour leave. These mags will be a good resource as they make their plans.

Did you know that Soldiers can go anywhere in the world on leave at the government's expense? Most of the guys and gals are heading home, but some are meeting up in Germany or Greece or elsewhere. I was speaking with one of our officers yesterday who told me she was going SCUBA diving in New Zealand. Good for her! Believe me, these folks deserve it.

Me, I'm going home; but not for quite a while yet.


At 6:59 AM, Blogger Scott C. said...

Just some football news from the states, I am glad your doing well. I believe your father will have to take some time off to recover from the embarassing loss that the lowly Miami Dolphins gave to the Bears. I will tell you this, i am looking forward to Wed, when all of these low blow polictical adds cease. Enough is enough. We are all praying for you as well as every soldier serving. Take Care



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