Monday, October 30, 2006

Operation: You've Got Mail!

What a great response since I sent out the email two weeks ago! So far we have received 38 boxes with many more in transit. That's a total so far of nearly 500 pounds of items valued at over $2,000. The Soldiers love getting the stuff - it is a real morale boost to know that we have the support of the folks back home.

If you would like to send something, here are a few ideas along with my mailing address:

1. Anti-perspirant (not deodorant)
2. Tootsie rolls
3. Twizzlers
4. Trail mix (individual bags)
5. DVD's (used are fine)
6. Travel or sample sized toiletries
7. Foot powder
8. Beef Jerky (yuck, but they love it!)
9. Gummi Bears
10. Starburst or Spree
11. Kleenex (pocket sized packs)
12. Magazines (Newsweek, Time, etc.)
13. Freezer Pops
14. Crackers and Peanut Butter or Cheese
15. Tea
16. Coffee
17. Granola Bars
18. Individual Packages of Cookies (no homemade)
19. Gum
20. Baby Wipes
21. Jelly Beans
22. Ziplock Bags
23. Disposable razors
24 Shaving cream

CH (MAJ) Jim Higgins
HHC, 2-135 GSAB
APO AE 09391


At 10:27 AM, Blogger said...

Jim, This is from Mt. Tabor UMC(75) and Everett Springs Bapt(90), is this little area north of Rome, Ga. The community effort has been busy packing boxes, 7 are on the way and more to come.
Rev. Wayne Hopper, Mt. Tabor

At 2:32 PM, Blogger Soldier's Connection said...

Major Higgins,
We at Soldier Connection , a non profit organization would be happy to send packages to you to give out. We get donations from all churchs,schools, etc. If need we sit outside stores selling items and collecting to pay for postage.This is the very least we can do to help out . Let us know who needs them or what else we can do for you and the men and women in harms way. We will do our best. We will be sending packages in your name to hand out.
Just trying to help.
Jo Waldrop and Jean Adcock


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